3 September 2020

Discover the Mesap members who have joined the 5E Digital Showcase

9 Mesap members have joined the 5E Digital Showcase.

The Digital Showcase of the 5E project is a European platform dedicated to electronic products in nanoelectronics, intelligent electronic systems and flexible, organic & printed electronics.
The initiative represents an integral part of the Mesap activities to support companies to increase their visibility and impact not only on a territorial level, but also internationally.

Discover the Mesap members  who have joined the initiative with their products:

Adgenera Srl is an R&D company, dynamic and open to the challenges of technological innovation, combining Electronic Engineering, Computer Science and Mechanics, to create customized technological solutions. Adgenera has developed an innovative technology that allows to obtain all the benefits of a “Smart” management of urban waste in a simple and concrete way, adhering to the Digital Showcase with the product Smart Waste Bin, Smart Box RM.
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Brain Technologies is an SME active in the design of innovative mechatronic systems such as performance increase, safety increase, pollution reduction, comfort improvement, and cost rationalization. The company has joined the Digital Showcase with the product BUT-up! an intelligent low cost device that provides a very accurate diagnosis (state of charge and health) of lead-acid batteries.
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MECT SRL is a 100% Italian manufacturer born in 1982. It offers a wide range of models of displays, temperature controllers, meters and a wide range of products for industrial automation and mechatronics.
Mect joined the initiative by presenting TPAC1007, PLC with 4.3″ Touch-Screen HMI Monitor that integrates QT graphics libraries based on an ARM9 architecture.
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Novasis Innovazione Srl develops machine vision systems, non-contact measurement systems based on the use of laser sensors (profilometers, etc.) and infrared gas sensors.
The Novagas sensor is a “smart sensor” that integrates IR MEMs emitters and is based on the well-known NDIR (Non-Dispersive InfraRed) technique suitable to measure the concentration of pollutant and toxic gases, including CO2, CO, CH4 (also biogas), HC, SO2, N2O, NO, etc..
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ORCHESTRA Srl is a start-up of I3P, the Incubator of the Politecnico di Torino. It proposes an innovative hardware and software solution for monitoring, control, diagnostics and remote configuration of machines and plants.
The company has participated in the 5E initiative with the electronic components SMARTEdge4.0, for the collection and integration of data collected on board the machine and their transfer to the company’s information systems.
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PHI DRIVE SRL a start-up company founded in 2013 with its own patents and highly innovative products, such as piezoelectric rotary motors.
Phi Drive has joined the initiative with the driver for the implementation of Gri-Phi piezoelectric micro grippers to mount, assemble and handle microcomponents.
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Sequoia IT, a company specialized in providing SMART solutions for vibration measurement and monitoring. Sequoia’s sensors, developed largely in MEMS technology, are distinguished by the strong integration within the sensor that includes signal digitization, processing and on-board storage.
The E-Sensor, with which Sequoia participated in the Digital Showcase, is an intelligent sensor (edge calculation sensor) for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance.
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TESEO SPA, a large company whose main areas of specialization are: Electronics, RF, optical equipment, GSE / AGE, Lean Manufacturing, EMC and RF laboratories, CE marking, calibrations (including national instruments), test equipment and test benches, National Instruments Platinum Partner.
Teseo presented on the Digital Showcase T-SCAN 540 – Automatic Temperature Scanner COVID-19, an automatic contactless scanner for body temperature measurement.
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Wiicom Srl was founded in 2012 as a start-up hosted within I3P, the Innovative Business Incubator of the Polytechnic University of Turin. It is an innovative company in the field of Internet of Things that produces compact and powerful Wi-Fi embedded electronic modules to enable systems, machines and products in the Internet network and connect to each other (M2M: Machine to Machine).
Wiicom is part of the 5E initiative with PFTC – Pneumatic Flex Tool Control, a certified tool able to certify fasteners of compressed air tools such as clamping and riveting machines.
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The initiative is dedicated to research institutions, start-ups, SMEs, large companies, students and is completely free.
To subscribe immediately to the 5E Digital Showcase, please fill out the appropriate form.

Then your product will be taken care of by the 5E team for its online publication at the following link: https://5e-project.eu/showcase/.

For further information please visit the 5E website or contact the Mesap team by writing to Serena Zerbinati.