13 November 2020

IoT4Industry wins 2020 “European cluster partnership of the year”

IoT4Industry project was awarded the “European cluster partnership of the year” 2020 during the European Cluster Conference taking place on November 11, 2020. Project partners were rewarded for their work in “the most successful collaboration between clusters across Europe”, during the main 2020 event of the European Cluster Collaboration Platform (ECCP).

Marielle Campanella, IoT4Industry project coordinator, accepted the prize and the “valuable recognition of the work that all partners carried out intensively and efficiently during the project”. IoT4Industry Clusters-partners indeed succeeded in supporting IoT and manufacturing stakeholders to develop and demonstrate innovative solutions, boosting economic growth & competitiveness across the EU.

This year’s ECCP award was notably focusing on communication activities of the partnership, IoT4Industry teams having intensely disseminated upon the excellent developments achieved by the collaborative projects’ SMEs, industrials and R&D stakeholders. The entire IoT4Industry team reached out towards more than 3.000 stakeholders, enabling the wide recognition of European SMEs’ innovativeness across the Member States.

For more info on the 40 collaborative projects’ achievement supported by IoT4industry, do not hesitate to check the project factsheets as well as the videos submitted for the IoT4Industry awards here. This Award need to be shared with these key innovators!

Now, after the – virtual – ‘bliss’, all teams are to wrap up the IoT4Industry project’s results in coming weeks, until the official closure of the project, on Dec. 31. 2020.