26 June 2018

MESAP at ECSEL JU Symposium in Brussels: the key role of EPOSS in the digital economy

On 19th and 20th June, MESAP joined the ECSEL JU Symposium 2018 a two days event in Brussels to talk about how the digital transformation will change the world, and the role of the ECSEL Joint Undertaking – a Public-Private Partnership for Electronic Components and Systems – funds Research, Development and Innovation projects for world-class expertise in these key enabling technologies.

The first day visionary keynotes presented emerging trends and new perspectives in the digital sector while the second day  they shifted to more strategic exchanges featuring high-profile keynote speeches and panel discussions, and on the impact of the ECSEL JU funded projects on real life and business. (ECSEL Simposium Agenda)

On this occasion MESAP presented to a wide range of European and global stakeholders in the Electronics Components and Systems field, EPOSS the European Technology Platform on Smart Systems Integration and its Smart Systems Integrated® trademark, to identify and recognize European products enabled by Smart Systems Integration.. A trademark, whereof Mesap is organising body, to give visibility and increase the perceived market value of Smart Systems technologies as  highly reliable, robust, advanced..

Discover more about the SSI Trademark and its early-bird fee until 30th June! here