14 June 2018

Mesap @ CEA Tech Grenoble to share best practices

On 13th June MESAP joined the European Innovation Hub Day (EIH-Day), organised by CEA Tech in Grenoble and dedicated to EIH and the use of associated European research and innovation programmes. On this occasion together with the key-players from the European Commission, Regions, Regional Clusters, Research and Technology Organisations (RTOs) and SMEs, MESAP attested the importance of collaboration between regional stakeholders (Piedmont Region) and innovation clusters to foster the competitiveness and growth of the ecosystem.

Session topics included:

  • An overview and future perspectives on European innovation hubs
  • The role of Regions, Regional Clusters and Private Funding
  • The role of RTOs as infrastructure, knowledge and service providers.
  • Constructing EIH and building bridges between European region

Discover the Agenda on CEA European Innovation Day