24 September 2018

Mesap hosted the launch of IoT4Industry call in Turin: 4 million Euros for SMEs

On 14th September 2018 MESAP Innovation Cluster hosted the INTERNATIONAL NETWORKING TOWARDS DIGITAL INDUSTRIES: BEST PRACTICES AND GRANTS(Centro Congressi Unione Industriale di Torino , Sala Piemonte Room) where more than 200 people joined an industry 4.0 “full immersion” with premises speeches like Telecom, SKF and MTC the Manufacturing Technology Centre of Coventry (UK)!

After the authorities welcome, the event has been divided in 3 main sessions :

  • The first session has been dedicated to the Digital Strategy in Europe where Pole SCS  provided an overview of the SMEs Digital Transformation and Growth and  drafted the Trends and Needs in the European Ecosystem ;
  • The second session has been focused on the launch of the IoT4Industry “Call for Collaborative Projects the 30 months initiative in the framework of H2020 offering 4 millions of Euro funding support ( voucher scheme) for collaborative projects (Feasibility studies , Prototyping instrument  Demonstration/pilot instrument ) to foster the collaboration between IoT solutions providers (sensors, communication, Big Data and AI, cybersecurity) and industrials (machine makers, robots, tools, factories). A great occasion to discover eligibility terms & conditions, and details of the call that will officially open on 20th September 2018 www.iot4industry.eu .
  • The third session in the afternoon has been dedicated to BtoB meetings (87) to find collaborative partners and participate to the IoT4Industry call.

The INTERNATIONAL NETWORKING TOWARDS DIGITAL INDUSTRIES BEST PRACTICES & GRANTS was part of a two-days event organized by MESAP Innovation Cluster and involving involved IoT4Industry,  DIA European  Digital Industry Alliance and Silicon Europe Alliance . On 13th September 2018 in fact clusters visited the Olsa Spa plant in Rivoli (Turin) that since 40’s it has been producing lighting for cars and trucks. On this occasion clusters briefly described their members’ competences and Olsa Spa briefly drafted itself and its needs: the visit culminated with the plant visit giving an example of its personal road to the “iotisation” of its production line. INTERNATIONAL NETWORKING TOWARDS DIGITAL INDUSTRIES BEST PRACTICES & GRANTS has been the perfect occasion to discover what SMEs need in their personal road to digital transformation and a proudly example of synergies between European initiatives: the 3 projects together in fact numbered 26 clusters with almost 4000 members!

Discover details on the IoT4Industry CALL opportunities https://www.iot4industry.eu/innovation-vouchers