Calls to tender

Management of calls to tender for members of the hub

Mesap manages the Piedmont Region calls to tender that are reserved for members of innovation hubs. The service ranges from help in formulating and writing the proposal, through the technical evaluation of the project, assistance finding partners, to the presentation of the project to the Region. We also provide assistance with technical, economic and accounting problems or regarding relationships with other partners, pushing towards development and its use.

Reporting and pre-evaluation of calls

MESAP informs its members about the rules for taking part in a call to tender aimed at financing innovation, research and development from regional, national or international authorities. We offer advice on formulating the project and accompany our members during the presentation of the proposal.

Partner identification

Thanks to its detailed network of contacts the MESAP team is able to help create solid partnerships between its members who want to participate in regional, national and European calls to tender.