12 October 2020

The IoT4Industry final event

The IoT4Industry final event aired 6th October 2020 within the MTC Digitalising Manufacturing Online Conference (5-6 October 2020): two-day event full of workshops, networking, panel discussions, real manufacturing studies on manufacturing. It has been divided in two sessions and it reached almost 100 connected people.

The first session, IOT4INDUSTRY AWARD CEREMONY” took place at 3.15-3.50 CET TIME where Marielle Campanella of Pole SCS and Consortium coordinator gave an overview of the project’s results, and some interesting statistics on collaboration between companies.  The floor passed to Thibaud Van Rooden of Belgian Pole Mecatech that had the honour to present the podium and to award the best 3 video of the IoT4Industry Video Contest.

1st place for Equality a Belgian- Spanish project focused on advanced gases monitoring & impact assessment of pollutants during pregnancy and lactation period from workers to guarantee safety and quality of work to promote work-life balance in chemical industry.

Sens4com project gained the silver medal: it focused on advanced manufacturing of composite materials using smart optical fiber sensors for aerospace industry. The fiber sensors embedded in a composite material can provide information useful to monitoring the fabrication process by measuring the temperature and stress profiles and detect cracks in the composite materials during their use.

3rd place for the French-swiss Matakiot that developed a sensor capable of analysing normal or abnormal vibrations of a rotating machine and to monitor it automatically, with the goal of performing predictive, prescriptive, preventive and curative maintenance.

During the IoT4Industry Digital Experience session, Alessia Menduni of the Italian Cluster MESAP dialogued with those 3 winner projects to better understand in a very practical way how those solutions work, which are the results of the IoT implementation and what are the future steps concerning collaboration and marketability of those solutions.

The second session IOT SOLUTIONS AND NEW EU FUNDING OPPORTUNITIES: A TALK WITH  aired at the end of the afternoon (5.30 PM CET) where the EU expert Mrs Virginie Perron European Commission Project Advisor H2020 Innosup that  offered an overview of the future EU funding opportunities. She also presented a C-Voucher project, an open call that has a mechanism quite similar to the one we developed in IoT4Industry. Here the website: https://c-voucher.com/opencalls/

After her session, 10 of the 40 funded projects showcased their Industrial IoT solutions thorough an agile series of pitches where each projects has 5 minutes each.

Discover all the 40 funded projects on here and watch the 14 videos that joined the video contest here

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the IoT4Industry initiative has been extended until December 2020: this should enable projects to test their IoT implementation into manufacturing to have a more complete and reliable results.

Stay tuned: soon the video of the event!