IMPACT Connected Car

Il progetto IMPACT Connected Car (H2020-INNOSUP-1, ref 731343) si pone l’obiettivo di creare partnership per l’innovazione nell’ambito Connected Car Open Space. Si segnala la seconda open call che scadrà il prossimo 18 ottobre.

Di seguito tutte le informazioni in lingua inglese.

The IMPACT Connected Car project (H2020-INNOSUP-1, ref 731343) aims at creating value link-chains for innovation in the Connected Car Open Space, with vehicle, infrastructure and device and TelCo interactions and consumer and business services through a 6 months acceleration and smartization programme.

Through 2 open calls all along the project, IMPACT Connected Car will create a portfolio of 64 disruptors of the Connected Car Industry situated within TRL 7 “System prototype demonstration in operational environment” and TRL 9 “Actual system proven in operational environment”, which will act as beachheads in the creation of new value chains in the following challenges/verticals:

  • Safety and security;
  • Driver assistance;
  • Well-being;
  • Mobility management;
  • Vehicle management;
  • Infotainment.

The second open call was published on 11 June with submission date on 18 October 2018.

Within this second open call the 18 best performing selected SMEs across the Smartization Programme, will receive up to 60,000€, though several lump-sums across each stage, as described below, and will additionally benefit of a mixture between innovative acceleration services and hybridisation mechanisms to contribute to foster the cross-sectoral fertilisation and the value chain innovation.

This means that:

–          40 beneficiaries will pass to Stage 1 [Disruptive Bootcamp] after the evaluation process in the Open Call and receive 3.000 € of EU Grant

–          22 out of previous 40 will pass to Stage 2 [Ignition Plan] and receive 7000 € of EU Grant

–          18 out of previous 22 will pass to Stage 3 [Product Development] and receive 50.000 € of EU Grant


For more information please refer to FAQs and the Guide for Applicants, available on the project website.