DREAM – Digital Resilient Europe for Advanced Manufacturing

Euroclusters: Driving EU Industrial Strategy

From 1st September 2022, 30 EUROCLUSTERS have been launched to implement the EU Industrial Strategy. Euroclusters are cross-sectoral, interdisciplinary and trans-European strategic initiatives of industry clusters and other economic actors (research organisations, companies, etc).

€42 million from the Single Market Programme have been allocated to this first wave of Euroclusters, composed of 171 partners, covering 23 different countries (22 EU Member States) and 14 industrial ecosystems.
20 Euroclusters
work on initiatives in specific industrial ecosystems, while 10 work across several industrial ecosystems.



DREAM – Digital Resilient Europe for advanced manufacturing is supporting manufacturing SMEs to be more efficient and sustainable

The COVID19 crisis has demonstrated the absolute necessity of having strong European digital ecosystems as key enablers to avoid disruption in value-chain, in the new business circumstances where digitalisation has proven its benefits, both from a business and sustainable point of view. However, digitalisation can only be efficient if digital ecosystems are strongly interlinked with their applied market sectors, and the manufacturing domain is one of the most challenging.

The project is coordinated by Pôle SCS, and includes Pôle MécatechG.A.C Group and MESAP, all already partners in IoT4Industry project (2018-2020). The project represents an opportunity to make exploitable and sustainable the collaboration and the experiences started in 2018, bringing the synergies beyond by including the Romanian cluster of Cluj IT focused in information technology field.

DREAM Final Event at Hannover Messe: What a Success!

At the end of April, our final event occurred at Hannover Messe, the heart of Europe’s innovative industry landscape. The event brought together visionaries, industry leaders, and stakeholders to celebrate innovation, collaboration, and resilience facing modern challenges.

Through a series of engaging sessions, participants delved into topics ranging from digital transformation to sustainability, exploring how these elements intertwine to shape the future of the manufacturing sector.

During the Pitch and Poster Session, DREAM funded projects’ entrepreneurs showcased their products and solutions and shared their perspectives on the role of innovation in driving growth and competitiveness. From AVIA, CEMS, DRI-COR-VS, EUROPACKTALKME, HERIFIX3D, MAIN and MANU TWIN, each project captured the essence of innovation and sustainability, showcasing the immense potential of technology to revolutionize the industry.

Amidst the enlightening panel session, the event also provided opportunities for networking and collaboration. Attendees had the chance to connect, forge new partnerships, and lay the groundwork for future initiatives during the coffee break and the networking lunch – offered by the Agence wallonne à l’exportation et aux investissements at their booth.

As the curtains drew to a close on the final event, we thank again everyone who contributed to the success of this event. It was an honour to host this event, where we celebrated innovation, resilience, and the bright future of manufacturing in Europe

DREAM’s 35 funded projects

DREAM put in place a cascade funding mechanism for innovation vouchers, to support projects’ deployment from the digital ecosystem into the manufacturing context, for a more digitalised sector, with a focus on efficient management of resources.

Through an Open Call, DREAM selected up to 35 collaborative projects. The total budget for the DREAM Open Call is 1.050.000 €!



Boosting opportunities

The DREAM project is tackling Upskilling and Reskilling in the context of transition towards Industry 4.0 – necessary for SMEs to foster digitalisation and competitiveness – providing opportunities to boost their knowledge.


How to access new markets opportunities? Get on board!

DREAM Eurocluster organised a set of online webinars with experts to support SMEs in their internationalisation process, providing strategic information, tips and tricks, tools, and contacts to access the selected overseas markets: Japan, Canada and the USA.

More than 100 people connected to the cycle of meetings to have the chance to strengthen the competitiveness of SMEs in advanced manufacturing!

These three countries are of high interest for European SMEs in advanced manufacturing as they are strong players in the global market.

Understanding their market situation, the peculiarities of their manufacturing sector, the supportive policies, the trade and economic relationship and the cultural differences is key to successfully export there.

The initiative referred to one of the 6 axes Euroclusters’ activities to reinforce the European digital ecosystem applied to manufacturing, namely GO INTERNATIONAL, to boost access to global supply and value chains.

Want to know more about this opportunity? Watch the recording of the workshops (youtube links)

You also have the chance to organise short follow up meetings of 20 minutes with our country expert and/or our GAC internationalisation support team to discuss your specific internationalisation project and provide you personalised advice and guidance. If you are interested, please send  an email to Marc Pattinson (mpattinson@group-gac.com) and/or Lisa Pourcher (lpourcher@group-gac.com).


Training on business resilience plans

The 35 funded projects also had the chance to participate in the Training on business resilience plans’ webinar.

The challenges of resilience & business continuity are critical to SMEs, who are often struggling to understand how to integrate safely and cost effectively digital technologies, and facing fierce competition to attract the related digital skills needed.

During the training, participants were introduced to the fundamentals of business resilience, diving into the ISO 22301 standard for business continuity management. 

Key topics such as risk assessment, business continuity planning, disaster recovery planning, and incident response planning were the main focus of this DREAM training.

After the theoretical approach, participants had the chance to challenge themselves by using Miro tool and work on a real-case focused on robotics.



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