10 March 2022

The next EPoSS Annual Forum will be in Turin

4 – 7 October 2022, EPoSS Annual Forum in the city of MESAP

As you know, MESAP is a partner of the European technology platform EPoSS: a transversal community of European research institutions and tech providers on electronics and intelligent systems. Every year, the EPoSS Annual Forum is the highlight of the Smart System Community: an international forum for in-depth analysis and updates on industry and research topics and trends. We are delighted and honoured to host the next EPoSS Annual Forum in Turin from 4 to 7 October: the event will be organised by us, together with EPoSS.

In this video, the EPoSS chairman Dr Stefan Finkbeiner, General Manager & CEO Bosch Sensortec GmbH, talks about the EPoSS ecosystem.

EPoSS Annual Forum: here what to mark in your calendar

During the EPoSS Annual Forum we will discuss topics related to Electronic Components and Systems, Smart Systems Integration and Integrated Micro and Nanosystems. The event is a meeting place for the all-round community, where networking with major players in European industry and research and interesting field visits to Piedmontese companies are essential.

EPoSS Annual Forum Call for Presentations


The Call for Presentations 2022 is still open, you have until 20 June to join and be a part of the forum. You can be part of the public conference by presenting your latest developments in the field of Smart Systems Integration (SSI): an opportunity to showcase your latest technological innovations in front of a European audience.
Presentations will be selected by the EPoSS Annual Forum 2022 Technical Committee.

HERE all references and application materials

EPoSS Start-up Award 2022

As part of the Annual Forum, the EPoSS Start-up Award will take place on 6 October 2022, a contest dedicated to start-ups (companies founded after 1 January 2018 with an innovative business idea, product or service and high growth potential) that will be able to present their latest innovations on this occasion.

The projects to be submitted must relate to smart systems technologies for different application areas, such as: manufacturing technologies, energy, mobility, flexible electronics, wearables, food, agriculture or medical technology.

The contest jury will be composed of EPoSS experts who will select the start-ups that will enter the final stage and present at the forum in October. After the presentation, the jury will assume the role of potential business partner, interview the participants and award the prize to the most innovative and promising idea.

Start-ups participating in the final round will receive a certificate of participation and a voucher to apply for a free licence to EPoSS’s European collective brand, Smart Systems Integrated®.

Further details on the application process will follow shortly.